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Quality Assurance At Tamor, implementing and maintaining rigorous Quality Control and Quality Assurance standards are core factors for developing, manufacturing and delivering reliable, top grade products.

At Tamor, suppliers of parts and raw materials must pass pre-approval before procurement can take place. Stringent protocols are followed as parts and raw materials arrive at warehouse doors. From incoming inspection through shipment of final products, customers can rest assured that Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures are implemented in all departments throughout the manufacturing processes.

Tamor holds its certifications as a long time ISO 9001 and IQ Net qualified designer and manufacturer of rubber, rubber bonded to metal and metal components and assemblies for tracked and wheeled vehicles.

As a Defense contractor, Tamor has received AQAP-110 approval, as required by NATO, to serve European customers. The U.S.A. Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) has long recognized Tamor as a Qualified Supplier placing us on the QSL 01, QSL 03 and QSL 04 TACOM lists. The QSLs (Qualified Supplier Lists) include major assemblies suppliers and full combat vehicles suppliers to the U.S. Government.

Tamor’s military products have been field tested and qualified by the Israeli Defense Forces.

Maintaining and improving our quality ensure Tamor’s outstanding reputation as a manufacturer of reliable, durable end products.
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