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Tamor S.M.R. Ltd was founded on June 15, 1988. We started as a producer of rubber bonded to metal and rubber parts for heavy vehicles; primarily for military applications. Tamor mainly manufactured track shoe assemblies and components and solid rubber wheels.

In 1996, Tamor S.M.R. expanded its product line to supply the heavy vehicle and industrial sectors with manufactured metal products. We expanded our line to products such as fuel tanks, water storage tanks, electric battery case covers, made of armored aluminum for on-board of the Merkava tank, as well as a new range of steel and non ferrous metal items. To enable less dependency on subcontractors, we developed our capacities to include the production of the steel and aluminum wheels required for our solid rubber wheels and track steel components.

Today, the maturity of Tamor’s metal manufacturing capabilities, its knowledge and experience in fabricating metal and rubber and the implementation of adapted technologies have resulted in the company’s ability to manufacture complicated subassemblies and innovative products for Defense and Civilian applications worldwide.
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