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Tamor S.M.R. Ltd is headquartered in Migdal HaEmek, Israel overlooking the Emek Jezreel Valley. The factory is located within 45 minutes from the nearest international seaport, Haifa Port.

The Tamor factory’s expertise lies in metalwork production and rubber vulcanization. Its departments include machining, deep drawing, welding, cutting, stamping, rubber vulcanization, painting and preservation, reconditioning, assembly, packing and shipping.

Factory departments are located within close proximity of each other thus enabling easy and efficient mobility as raw materials and semi-processed materials proceed from station to station during the manufacturing process.

Under the supervision of the Israeli Standards Institute, our Quality Assurance Department applies ISO standards at all management levels and throughout production stages - from incoming inspection of raw materials until containerized shipment of finished goods.

Tamor SMR Ltd factory products are renown worldwide for their high quality and reliability for vehicular applications in the Defense, Civilian and Industrial sectors.
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