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1. How can I receive the latest news updates?
To receive the latest news updates, please complete the request for information form on the “Contact Us” page. Current updates can be easily viewed on the home page.

Who can I contact for more information?
Any requests for information should be sent to MAIN@TAMOR.CO.IL  Incoming mail is then directed to the appropriate department for a response.

3. Does Tamor manufacture parts or assemblies?
Both – Tamor manufactures components and assemblies.
4. Is Tamor capable of manufacturing prototypes?
Yes, one of Tamor’s unique advantages is its ability to satisfy the customer’s needs by manufacturing prototypes and, when the customer is ready, low series production up to high series production.

5. What does Tamor manufacture?
Tamor manufactures many products including: solid rubber wheels, complete track shoes and parts of track shoes – pads, bushings and pins, metal wheels, fuel tanks for static and dynamic applications, suspension and chassis parts and assemblies (ex: control arms, axles, shafts), body parts and assemblies (ex: armored doors, steel ladders, external water covers for rolling stock), water tanks, antivibration shock absorbing products, large steel containers for transport and storage of engines and transmission and many others.
Please browse our website or contact us for additional information at or Tel / Fax:  +972-4-654-6735 / 6738.

6. What information do you require?
When requesting a quotation, please attach drawings, NSN or part numbers. This enables you to receive a prompt reply.
7. Who are your main customers?
We have primarily supplied Governments; mainly the U.S.A. through its government agencies TACOM and DLA, Israeli Defence Force through the Ministry of Defense and countries located all over the globe. In the industrial sector we supply firms such as Siemens and the WMATA.
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