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Fuel Tanks Offer Space Optimization
Tamor S.M.R Ltd, manufacturer of metal and rubber bonded to metal parts and assemblies, designs, develops and manufactures asymmetric as well as symmetric fuel tanks for the military industry.

The fuel tanks are suitable for tracked or wheeled armoured vehicles ranging from older versions to newer design concepts. Tamor’s expertise ensures that final products enable military vehicles the benefit of extended ranges of activity, and thus, increased vehicle tactical reach.

Tamor’s experience is well proven in the asymmetric and symmetric fuel tanks it has designed, developed and manufactured for various military vehicles including the Merkava battle tanks, armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and Oshkosh trucks. Tamor manufactured products have been field tested and approved.

Custom made, asymmetric fuel tanks offer advantageous features such as:
  • Optimization of vehicle space
  • Fewer refueling stops
Space Optimization
One of the hindrances faced by military personnel during tactical deployments is fuel capacity, and thus, the effective range of a military vehicle. Due to the fact that logistic support is very sparse during overseas deployments, a vehicle’s tactical reach is of prime importance.

Designing of asymmetric fuel tanks takes complete advantage of maximum available space found under the hood of a military vehicle. The result is bifold:
  • The vehicle can carry more fuel enabling it to cover more ground in the field.
  • Freedom in design and placement of essential hardware under vehicle hoods.
Tamor’s extensive experience includes the ability to connect two or more fuel tanks. The flow of fuel between the tanks is steady and enables the vehicle to maintain its balance and center of gravity.

Asymmetric fuel tank development involves 3D designs, mock-ups, samples and pilot production to final serial production. The know-how and experience of the Tamor factory is reflected throughout its production processes. Professional industrial staff ensures properly formed and welded fuel tanks, application of metal corrosion protection and the choice and integration of appropriate accessories such as plugs, hoses, pumps, gauges and other items in the end product.

The increasing requirements for improved mobility have resulted in a dynamic market for custom made fuel tanks. Worldwide, manufacturers of heavy vehicles for defense and commercial applications benefit from the numerous advantages offered by the asymmetrically designed models.
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