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Solid Rubber Wheels

Worldwide, Armies use Tamor S.M.R. Ltd field-tested and battle proven solid rubber wheels on Main Battle Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Armed Personnel Carriers, Amphibious Tracked Fighting Vehicles, Military Trucks and other heavy military vehicles.

The various in-house technologies supported at Tamor are implemented to produce, among others, solid rubber wheels such as the M1, M-2, M9, M48, M-60, M-109, M-113, LVTP 7, AMX-113, LEOPARD 1, LEOPARD 2, all types for the MERKAVA and others.

There is no concrete answer to the question of who, when or where the wheel was invented, however, its application in the daily life of the military is an attestation to how much depends on the versatility, ruggedness and mobility of well constructed and properly manufactured solid rubber wheels.

Tamor’s wheels begin as flat, metal sheets. The raw material is subjected to thorough and intensive inspection before entering the production floor. Upon receiving complete Quality Assurance approval, processing of the raw material begins.  The flat metal sheets are cut into discs. They then undergo cold, deep drawing with up to 2000 ton presses to form the metal. Tamor’s in-house technologies enable the forms to move on through the various stages of CNC machining, welding, shot peening, bonding agent applications, rubber vulcanization, simulator testing, painting and preservation before being packed and shipped worldwide.

The meticulousness of Tamor S.M.R.’s production methods ensure that the solid rubber wheels it manufactures remain durable and dependable, enabling military troops to accomplish their missions. Tamor S.M.R. has accumulated 30 years of deliveries to many users; accumulated experience that, over the years, has supported, without failure, IDF forces and US troops in combat conditions.

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