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Company Vision

Tamor SMR Ltd‘s vision is to be a leading international entity in designing, developing, manufacturing and providing rubber and metal solutions for defense and industrial applications. [...]


Tamor S.M.R. Ltd started as a producer of rubber bonded to metal and rubber parts for heavy vehicles. [...]


Tamor S.M.R.'s factory specializes in metalwork production and rubber vulcanization - the bonding of rubber and metal. The factory's in-house processes include machining, deep drawing, forming, welding, cutting, painting and preservation in addition to rubber vulcanization. [...]


Tamor's vision to be a leading international entity in its field is led by its focused, proactive management who implement and combine enhanced people management skills, resources and modern production techniques to achieve company goals [...]

Product Range

The Tamor S.M.R. Ltd product range is always evolving and expanding to meet diverse industrial needs in the Defense, Industrial and Commercial sectors. Today, Tamor S.M.R. Ltd, renown as a worldwide supplier of rubber bonded to metal parts produces wheels, tires and track shoe assemblies for defense and industrial applications, as well as chassis and suspension parts and assemblies, engine (shear) mounts, rubber metal bushings, rubber isolator pads and antivibration pads. Tamor’s Metalwork section develops and manufactures custom made asymmetrical fuel tanks, water tanks and items such as precision made external covers for railway cars, ladders for heavy vehicles and other accessories. [...]
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