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Fuel Tanks Offer Space Optimization

Tamor’s expertise with asymmetric and symmetric fuel tanks is evident in the models it has designed, developed and manufactured for various military vehicles including the Merkava battle tanks, armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and Oshkosh trucks. Tamor manufactured products have been field tested and approved. [...]

Solid Rubber Wheels

Worldwide, Armies use Tamor S.M.R. Ltd field-tested and battle proven solid rubber wheels on * Main Battle Tanks * Infantry Fighting Vehicles * Armed Personnel Carriers * Amphibious Tracked Fighting Vehicles * Military Trucks * Other Heavy Military Vehicles [...]

Rubber Molding Techniques

Tamor S.M.R. Ltd for Rubber Vulcanization - Injection Molding - Transfer Molding - Compression Molding [...]

Large Metal Storage Containers

Large, metal storage containers for engines and transmissions built to customer (TACOM – USA Army) design and per military specification, implement many TAMOR in-house metalwork and rubber vulcanization processes and technologies. [...]
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